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Browsers are Elevators that Your Website is Riding

If you can’t introduce your product in 30 seconds, you don’t know it well enough. Good videos are clear, concrete and compelling. The best videos are ones that could be an elevator pitch.

Imagine stepping into an elevator and realizing that you are standing next to the person you want to do business with. If you don’t use that 30 second elevator ride to catch their attention by delivering a winning message, you won’t be able to do it, ever.

Browsers are elevators. Your website is you. Every minute of every day you are running the chance of meeting your prospective clients. Those clients won’t stop to listen to you for long. They will be gone to the next floor in 30 seconds or less.

That’s where a 30 Seconds Video comes in handy. Plain text lacks the warmth of your persona; the promising smile, the firm handshake, the perfect eye contact, your voice. Most importantly, it is missing on the most important part of you- your face!

If there is anything that can be your elevator pitch in your absence, it is video. It makes you present for all your prospective customers at any given time. Make sure it is well-crafted and concise. It must make everyone understand your business and what you can do for them. Most importantly, it has to be intriguing enough to make them want to know your product or service better. And it has to do all of this in 30 seconds!  
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