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Meet the Marketer’s Soul Mate

It’s called Video. The next time you’re about to write a lengthy email to your customers, do consider that it’s not the age of snail mail and pigeons. Your audience have smart phones, and they will be distracted by a new message, email or twitter notification before they get past the first two sentences. Look for alternatives. And what better alternative than a mixture of pictures, voice and words AKA Video! Here are the three top reasons why we call video the marketer’s soul mate:

  1. Even goldfish is more attentive than us. In May 2015, the average human attention span was 8.25 seconds compared with 9 seconds attention span of goldfish. We’ll have to wait for another research to see where it’s at now. It’s highly unlikely to increase any time soon. Unless, of course, all smartphones get fried and fishing becomes the only alternative.
  2. A 30 seconds video is worth just under a million words. 900,000 to be exact according to James Mcquivey of Forrester Research. Even Tolstoy’s War and Peace  has only 587,287 words and it took him 6 good years to write it. If you’ve been doing your math right, by now you must have a clear idea how the bulkiest of reads cannot amount to 30 seconds of video content. Most importantly, by the time you finish writing those 900,000 words, people will be busy moving their businesses to Mars.
  3. 77% users get convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video. Good businesses, that’s you, take this knowledge as a blessing, spring to action, and give them what they want. It’s a win-win for everyone here. Your customers get to know you the way they like to, and you win their confidence and loyalty. If you don’t, someone else will take your pie.

Website visitors are hasty. They don't have the patience to read. Nothing attracts them more than videos. Marketing campaigns are incomplete without them. That's why we call video the marketer's soul mate.

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