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How Targeting a Small Group of Potential Customers Pays Big

A lot of times, our clients are passionate about selling their products and services to as many people as possible. But the pain point is that they are hardly selling to anyone at all! 

What goes wrong in this scenario is that they think they know who they want to sell to, but actually they don't. Or, even if they do, at the back of their head, know who they want to sell to, they are not really targeting them.

I always ask them who is most likely to buy from them. That one person, or a small group of people, is their target audience. It is important to sell to them first before moving on to the next target market. This is how it works.

Lets say you started a Rehabilitation Center. You think every human needs a massage, or acupuncture, or chiropractic treatment etc. You start making some noise by sending out flyers, doing some online marketing and getting a video featuring all of your services. But soon your excitement starts to turn into anxiety because your investment is not paying back. You start thinking that may be you started business in an already saturated market. You start doubting why you started the rehab in the first place.

But truth of the matter is that you started your business exactly where it belongs. Only you have not reached your real customers yet. 'How do I get there? I've already exhausted my resources on marketing!' 

It's going to be surprising for you, but you don't need a huge marketing budget to reach your actual, paying, returning customer. You just need to make sure what your best selling point is. What distinguishes you from a number of other rehabs? Do you have a chiropractor who specializes in treating babies and children? Do you have a specialty massage for pregnant women? Are your services more targeted towards athletes? 

Once you have pinned this basic detail down, it's time for you to further minimize your scope. Yes, that's what you have to do! Out of that set of potential customers, you have to find out that one person who best fits into your profile. 

Let's say, you specialize in massage services for pregnant women. Is there any specific group of pregnant women who are most in need of help from you? Think harder. Pregnant women can have a lot of problems they could use some help with. Lower back pain, breach baby, pelvic misalignment, sciatic nerve pain, etc. Yes, I have personally suffered through some, and I know how heavenly it feels when you finally find someone who can help you.

So, you have a special technique that helps breach babies to get into a more comfortable position. Now you know that your target market is women who want to get their babies in the right position for birth. But babies keep changing positions, and it is the baby's choice where she likes her head to be, no? No. And that's where you have to convince the mother-to-be to act ahead of time to ensure a beautiful natural birth instead of an emergency c-section.

This approach might make you cringe at first. 'But that's not the only thing I do?' Yes, it's not. But it certainly is your competitive advantage that you need to attract your first clients. Of course your brochure mentions all of the other services you provide. But your video and marketing campaign doesn't have to include them. 

I recommend you start small by targeting a small group of potential clients. Once you break through, and they become happy, returning customers, you will automatically start growing through word of mouth. Your happy customers will recommend your services to their friends having entirely unrelated troubles, like back pain. They will become your biggest marketers while you can move on to target another small group of potential clients. And that's how you will continue to expand

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