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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Audience Engaged, Informed and Interested (Part 1)

You have successfully started driving traffic towards your website but are wondering why your visitors are not converting into paying customers. You are not alone. Over 90% small business websites fail to get their targeted ROI.

The reason for less or no conversions or leads on your website could be very simple. Your visitors might not be ready to buy from you straight away. They never heard of you before. They don't have enough information to be able to have enough confidence in you. So how do you develop the trust needed to turn them into consumers? They want to know you and your product or service better before they buy from you. How do you create your brand awareness?

Most company websites offer little help in this regard. Very few company websites boast interesting and informative About Us pages. Most of the audience hardly read past the first couple of sentences. Their product pages aren't any more satisfying either. They just have a buy now button following a short description. Visitors have nowhere to go other than to the competition if they can't have all their questions answered.

It is time taking to generate useful content for your website visitors to keep them engaged and informed. But it is as important as having them on your webpage in the first place.

So what choices do website owners have to educate, inform and compel their visitors without getting them bored? It turns out, they have quite a few. We'll start by the simplest and easiest:
  1. Landing Page
  2. Social Media
  3. Video
  4. Customer Reviews
  5. Blog

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