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Three Key Locations to Place Your Video Ads

Videos are known to improve sales. In fact, 90% customers find video content useful in making their purchase decisions. In order to get the most out of videos, they must be placed wisely. Here are the key places for videos to bring the most value to your brand:

Landing Pages 
Landing pages are an obvious choice on your website where you would want to put a video. Just make sure that it is placed in an attractive location like on top or center of the page, or even above the fold.  And always remember to prompt users to 'click to play'. Statistics have proven that placing videos on landing page strategically can increase conversions by 86%.

Next to 'Buy Now' Button
A great place for your video is your product page, right where you put the product picture and description. If you place a related explainer video on the same page close to the Buy Button, chances are that users will press that button.

This one is a no-brainer. One-third of world population uses YouTube, and video ads have the highest click-through rate among all digital ad formats. However, many advertisers fail to grab this opportunity by displaying lengthy and detailed ads. Instead, creating a catchy and compelling YouTube commercial under 30 seconds maintains more user retention and click-through rate.

Video advertisements can bring more value to your business than you think. Choose the best locations for them to display, and see the magic happen.
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