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How to Use Explainer Videos on Landing Page for Maximum Results

Explainer and informational videos are a great way to gain your prospective customer's goodwill. However, you need to use them wisely. They usually don't belong on the landing page. You don't want to bombard your visitors with information they don't need and can't remember. It takes careful planning to be able to use lengthier videos on landing pages for them to perform well. 

Ideally your visitors' first encounter with your brand should be with a warm and interesting short video that welcomes them to your landing page, introduces you to them, sets expectations regarding their future interactions with your brand, and intrigues them to learn more about you. Keep it short, interesting and possibly entertaining. Direct them to a more detailed and informative explainer video only if they are interested. This way you will be leading your customers through their purchase journey a step at a time without overwhelming and stressing them out. It's a perfect recipe used by bigger brands for gaining consumer trust. Usually their lengthier videos are displayed on a separate page on their website, but you can also leave them on your landing page if you don't want to spend on a huge website. 

In some rare instances, landing pages are educational in nature. They can have lengthier videos if their ad and social media campaigns set the expectation of visitors by promising them some valuable information. Generally such campaigns include a short video ad that could be a snippet of the original video, or an altogether different video that makes the target audience want to know more from you. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you might want to create social media campaigns promising your prospective clients a video with valuable insights on the latest trends in housing market. The ad leads them to your landing page, where they learn useful information from you. You can then offer them more detailed information if they leave you their email address. That is a one time investment to generate numberless leads depending on how valuable your content is for them. 

As I stated above, explainer and informational videos are a great way to make your visitors trust you into buying from you. However, they should be planned carefully and must be used strategically to be able to yield the desired results. Where would you like your explainer video to be displayed? Feel free to leave your comments below while I sip on my cup of coffee :)

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